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Balinese Kitten

By Sylvia Holland, from Handbook for Cat People by Celia Heriot,

Well, here we ar at the cat sho. I sit beside my 4 drowzing Balinese beutys. Vizitors stop, seeing the long, soft, silky fur & noble look. Vizitor: Wot is a Balinese? Exibitor: It is a long-haird Siamese.

Vizitor: Oh, I didnt kno they had long-haird Siamese.

Exibitor: Well, they ar rather rare. The breed is about 15 years old.

Vizitor: Du they realy cum from Bali?

Exibitor. No, not realy. But they du hav the Siamese background, wich is oriental. And they du hav the delicat, exotic look of Balinese dancers. So the pyoneers ov the breed felt that the name Balinese wud be rite for them. 5-mo.Bal inese female

Vizitor: Wot is their temperament like? Is it like the other Siamese?

Exibitor: U wil not fynd a sweeter-temperd or mor intelligent cat than theze.

Vizitor: Ar the coats hard to care for? Exibitor: No. The coat lys natraly and dus not hav to be flufd up like the Persian coat. A little daily stroking and ruffling with the hand, and a lite brushing and coaming is enuf to keep the coat in top condission.

Vizitor: Wot’s the difrence between a Balinese & a Himalayan?

Exibitor: The Himalayan came orginaly from a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. But a Balinese is a true Siamese cat. It must hav nothing but Balinese or Siamese in its pedigree.

Vizitor: Ware did the long hair cum from?

Exibitor: It just popd up. A fluffy little changeling shoes up ocazionaly amung its shorthaird brothers and sisters in a normal Siamese litter. If theze little ones ar bred to longhairs from other Siamese litters, they wil produce longhaird kittens. [End of conversacion].

Sylvia continued: The ideal Balinese is a svelt, dainty cat with long, tapering lines, lithe but muscular. The general impression shud be aristocratic, with a long, fine hed held alert, ears prikd forward, general conformacion that of a Siamese. Long and abundant whiskers ar caracteristic. The temperament shud be happy, lively and afectionat, easy to handle and care for.

Sylvia added in 1973: Theze luvly cats ar now shoen and judged amung their peers in the longhair championship classes - as they deserv to be.

Note from Theo:

In contrast to the tipical modern sho Balinese, wich has a long narro face and short hair and apears almost a reverzion to pure Siameze, our favord groop of breeders aim to re-establish the original Dorsey-Holland type. Since the dominant Siamese genes hav re-emerged in the modern pedigreed bludlines, sum breeders ar prepared to mor or less start the breed over. Of theze, sum feel the colors shud be restricted to the 4 permitted in Sylvia Holland’s BBFA [Balinese Breeders and Fanciers Association], namely seal point, blue point, chocolat point and lilac point. Others introduce adissional colors such as lynx point, and feel theze shud be acsepted.

Thoze faithful to the original Balinese hav been willing to put up with the acusacion that outcrosses hav been introduced. They say that if sum outcrossing is necessary to produce agen the magnificent combinacion of long floing coat, rounder face, sweet dispozission, grace and intelligence of the original Balineze, so be it.

After eny outcross theze breeders ar prepared to sho the required number of unmixd pure-bludded progeny maching the original type, in order to quolify for championship sho classes & the selling of pedigreed stok. Their goal is to return to the beutiful and lovable Holland’s Farm Balinese of the past, wich in turn owed their existence to the even erlier recognission by Marion Dorsey of San Diego that in theze cats she had sumthing spessial. We agree.

For more information on the balinese breed of cats, view Mary Desmonds website called "BaliChaton Balinese" at www.balichaton.net