We Ar The Living

by Theo Halladay


I giv heer a breef summary of the rules for the PLEA system of spelling reform.

Wen u lern to rite in PLEA u wil be using a regularized form of spelling, wich is not disruptiv for the reader and has the advantage of being free of much of the contradictory spelling mishmash that makes english so dificult to lern. We of the spelling reform movement ar at last doing wot has needed doing for the last 300+ years; we ar editing english spelling.

For a compleet explanation and lesson guide, ask for our guidebook, Ten Days to Improved Spelling. The book takes yu thru the subjects belo lesson by lesson, with exercises at the end ov each inviting u to try riting acording to our rules. A dictionary is provided as an adissional guide.

My particcular variety, PLEA, is similar in caracter & rules to virtualy all proposals for modrat spelling reform. We eliminate hundreds of redundant letters, leftovers from erlier misspellings intentional and unintentional. We leav the consonants almoast untuchd. We reduce the number of ways a short vowl, or especialy a long vowl, can be ritten.

For example, dus english realy need 11 difrent ways of making the sound ee? We think not, espessialy wen sum of thees alternat ways ar used for difrent sounds than ee, so that the reader dusnt kno how a new word shud be pronounced.

Eeven wile english becums mor and mor the lingua franca of the world, we see an alarming increase in illitracy in the UK, the US [40 million US illitrats] and other english-speaking cuntrys wich shud be doing better. The gap between our spoken & our ritten language becums wider with the passage of time. Children, especialy boys, ar being discurraged by their struggles in scool to master the ritten language. They drop out, they dont try eny mor, they figure they can lern wot they want from their frends & TV. This trend- leading at times to a barbaric cultural vacuum - is dangerus. Children need to be readers. Making our spelling easier to read & rite is an obvius anser.


For more information on spelling reform see

www.spellingsociety.org [an international group]


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