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An educational game u can bild yurself. All u need is a square of sum material such as wood or corkbord, around 8-12 inches in size, and 25 small nails u can hammer into it in a regular pattern with the heds projecting. You wil need a handful of rubber bands to strech around the nails to make difrent shapes, plus a ruler & a hammer.

Start by looking at the cartoon with the little guy at R, & u wil see it shows a row of 5 nails across & 5 down, eevenly spaced. U can do the same by marking a dot with a pencil for each nail u wil drive.

The dots hav to be eevenly spaced and 5 hav to fit across. Make a pencil dot near the top left corner of the bord. Then place the “zero”end of the ruler on it & mark other dots at 1½, 3, 4½ & 6 inches across the bord. Make yur line mach the edge of the bord but set down a bit from the top edge.

Now start the same for the lower rows, by placing the first line on the ruler on the same spot as u started befor. But this time u mezure & place pencil dots at 1½, 3. 4½ & 6 inches downard. U wil want the rows to be squared off propperly, so uze a peece of riting paper or a box to chek wether the horizntal & vertical rows ar at R angles to each other. If they arnt, change them so they ar.

Now fil in mor dots as in the cartoon abuv, until the bord has the ful pattern of 25 dots shoing. Hammer a nail partway into the bord at evry dot.

Strech rubber bands around the nails to make squares, rectangles & tryangles.

Heer is a fun puzzle for u to solv:

1. “Draw” capital letter A, E, F, H, , K, L, M. N. T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. If a letter duznt work wel small, make it bigger. How wud u do that? If it dusnt work wel drawn with thin lines, make it fat. How wud u do that?

The object is to make a convincing representation of each letter such that it cannot be confuzed with eny other letter; the vewer wil kno wot it iz. They dont all hav to be in the same scale.

2. Now draw the harder ones with the curvs: letter C, D, G, J, O, P, Q, R, S. We hav to improvize the rounding with the nearest square arangement. Wich letter gave u the moast trubble? We find B & Q to be the biggest challenge, but it can be dun.

Another way to create the bord efect is by uzing wooden machstiks to join dots. For that u wil need to use the length of a machstik as the distance between 2 dots. Place 4 machstiks in a horizontal line along the top of a clean peece of paper, & make a pencil dot between each 2 & at the ends. This wil lev u with 5 dots. Uze the machstik to mezure for the rest of the pattern downwards, making 25 dots. U may then lay out machstiks between dots insted of uzing rubber bands & nails.

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